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Flight Instructor Refresher Course


Aviation Solutions is a premier refresher course provider, offering a unique product in Canada. We are the first and only provider to offer a hybrid on-line and in-person method for flight instructors to renew their ratings.

Through our program, clients can complete the first phase of our course at their leisure from the comfort and convenience of their own computer using our e-Fresher™. The second, in-person, phase of our program focuses on active learning, through discussions and various practical activities; not just a series of lectures. The in-person conference is two days in length; saving you a full day of attendance compared to other courses.


Aviation Solutions knows how to run a professional program, having graduated more refresher classes than any other course provider in Canada. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients a strong program and exciting experience with engaging and knowledgeable presenters. It is always our goal to have you leave our course with greater knowledge and skill than when you arrived – regardless of your instructor class. We provide a complete package of useful resources, handouts, and reading to follow up on all aspects of our course.

"I couldn't have imagined a more thorough and complete refresher course. Not only did the familiar become more deeply informed, but also the areas I hadn't had much fluency with came well reinforced. It was a balanced time of group work, workshop style discussion, and also community building with others in the profession. I have had no hesitation recommending Aviation Solutions to others for their instructor renewals. Above all it was an approachable style where everyone's unique input was valued and worked with. Credit to you for your expertise in facilitating this so successfully!"
"I love improving myself and found the online e-Fresher EXTREMELY helpful and effective in getting my head "tuned in"! You are an excellent presenter and I was impressed with the stature of the components in the e-Fresher."
"I originally came here to simply renew my class three and hoped to learn a few things. What I left with was much more than I ever could have imagined possible in terms of new knowledge... much more beneficial than a renewal ride!"
"I have worked as a professional educator in one capacity or another for 15 years. I was very impressed with the skills and knowledge of all your presenters and know that many people will benefit from your hard work and high standards."

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We offer the best value in Canada, providing our program for a reasonable $399 investment (tax free). You will also receive a tuition receipt, saving you up to an additional $100 on your next income tax return. Plus, our clients receive more instructional hours than from any other course provider; while only having to commit to two days attendance. When compared to an aircraft rental and flight test fee, the refresher course comes out ahead as well. We are proud to provide the best value for your dollar.

Aviation Solutions has a selection of modules available for each course, which we rotate through to create variety for our repeat clients. At our busier courses, clients can select from a range of electives held in different rooms to build their own course. And every course concludes with an open round table discussion on current and student supplied topics.

To learn more about our modules, hover your mouse over the module name:

  • Professionalism and Ethics in Flight Instruction
    Professionalism and Ethics in Flight Instruction
    Many factors can affect our professional demeanor and how we implement ethical practices in flight training. With a focus on quality training and customer satisfaction, we discuss how to maintain the highest standards within ourselves.
  • Multi Engine and IFR Training
    Multi Engine and IFR Training
    How would you set up a training program for the multi engine and IFR ratings? What considerations do you need to make as an instructor to ensure your safety during advanced training? We will look at how to effectively implement quality training for these ratings.
  • Advanced Systems, Displays, and the Integrated Flight Deck
    Advanced Systems, Displays, and the Integrated Flight Deck
    A background on advanced systems such as autopilot and terrain awareness equipment leads into an introduction to understanding how the "glass cockpit" works. We also look at how to prepare ourselves as instructors to teach on these aircraft in VFR and IFR, both effectively and safely.
  • Human Factors in Flight Instruction
    Human Factors in Flight Instruction
    With a focus on fatigue, time pressures and communication skills, we look at how our performance as instructors can be affected. Fatigue Risk Management and other counter-measures are discussed with a goal of building a safer training environment.
  • Safety Management Systems
    Safety Management Systems
    What is SMS and how can it be implemented in flight training without being burdensome? We will look at the principles of SMS, regulatory requirements, system components, and implementation strategies for operators of various sizes.
  • Threat and Error Management
    Threat and Error Management
    How do we deal with external threats to our flight? What errors do we make in the cockpit? How can we more effectively manage these two to avoid Undesired Aircraft States? We will take this topic from the airline world and learn how to apply it to flight training.
  • Air Traffic Services and Flight Instruction (in association with NavCanada)
    Air Traffic Services and Flight Instruction (in association with NavCanada)
    A NavCanada specialist will lead the group through a series of VFR and IFR flights, looking at how aeronautical products and ATS services can be utilized along the way. You will get a look behind the scenes at NavCanada and also discuss the latest new technologies you and your students need to know about.
  • Presentations and Briefings
    Presentations and Briefings
    How can you effectively implement new presentation methods such as PowerPoint and video into your lessons? How can you more effectively brief and de-brief your students? This module takes us through a booking with a student to see how we can make front line improvements in the delivery of flight training.
  • Planning and Conducting Training
    Planning and Conducting Training
    How can you organize training to best serve your students? This module incorporates training plans and syllabi, use of simulation, scenario based training, standardization, and responding to the unique challenges of individual students to help you build above average programs.
  • Instructor Supervision
    Instructor Supervision
    How can supervising instructors implement good supervision practices? What is required of instructors when supervising their students and making entries in a PTR? This module addresses regulatory requirements while looking at overall quality and safety at an FTU.
  • Operational Control
    Operational Control
    What is operational control and how can it be implemented? We will look at the duties of Class 2 Instructors and Chief Flight Instructors in running a safe and organized school. Suitable for all classes of instructor to participate.
  • The Class 1 and the Instructor Rating
    The Class 1 and the Instructor Rating
    What is involved in becoming a Class 1 instructor and how can we teach the Class 4 program? This module gives a complete look at the requirements and responsibilities of Class 1 instructors as well as how to create a quality Class 4 training program to develop safe and competent new instructors.
  • Industry Information Session and QA Period (in association with TC)
    Industry Information Session and QA Period (in association with TC)
    Get information right from the source. A Transport Canada inspector will provide you with updates on topics such as the Multi Crew Pilot License and other upcoming changes. A question and answer session is included for attendees to ask whatever they like.
  • Flight Testing and Evaluating
    Flight Testing and Evaluating
    What mark would be assigned if a student made a particular error? We will discuss application of the four point marking scale, common problems with flight tests and review actual flight test scenarios.
  • Weak Performance Areas (in flight)
    Weak Performance Areas (in flight)
    Which flight test exercises are the most commonly failed? How can we better teach those exercises to our students? This dynamic presentation will look at common problems and also address how you can improve flight test marks across all exercises.
  • Weak Performance Areas (written exams)
    Weak Performance Areas (written exams)
    With a focus on how to teach all ground based training to a higher standard, we will also look at areas that cause the most failures on written exams; including a detailed discussion on concepts of lift and flight.
  • Aircraft Maintenance in Flight Training
    Aircraft Maintenance in Flight Training
    Have you ever wondered what happens from the time you snag an aircraft until you have it back in your hands? We will look at who has responsibility for what in a maintenance system, who can complete elementary work, and how you would solve various scenario based problems with your aircraft.

To ensure every attendee has an opportunity to fully participate, we strive to limit our courses to 21 attendees. Because of this limited seating, we recommend you sign up as soon as possible for the course you wish to attend (registration opens approximately 90 days prior to the course). In order to provide sufficient time to complete the e-Fresher™ on-line component, registration will close 72 hours prior to the start of the in-person conference.

Successful completion of the program will allow aeroplane, balloon, glider, and ultra-light category flight instructors to renew their ratings*. Space permitting, we also accept enrollment from other training professionals, alternate category flight instructors, and instructor rating candidates for professional development purposes.

Aviation Solutions is pleased to offer these benefits to our attending clients:

  • The only 2 day in-person course in Canada
  • More instructional hours than any other refresher course
  • A student-centered philosophy that gears content to those in attendance
  • Easy accessibility, transportation, and accommodation on site
  • An opportunity to network with other instructors and pilots from across the country
  • Commemorative course photograph
  • Personal copy of "Guide to Personnel Licensing", a $20 value
  • Convenience, service, quality, and value that can't be matched

Registration and Locations

Upcoming course dates are listed on the right side of this screen. To register, please click the "Register and Pay Online" button in the right hand column of this screen. You may also call our office at (226) 780-4990 to register over the phone. If you have any questions, please review our FAQ or feel free to contact us.

Guelph (Toronto-Kitchener)
Accommodation is available on site for $89/night at the Royal Brock Hotel and Conference Centre which includes breakfast, fitness centre and outdoor pool. Free Parking and internet are provided to all course participants.

Cornwall (Ottawa-Montreal)
Accommodation is available on site for $116/night at the Ramada Inn and Conference Centre which includes breakfast, fitness centre and indoor pool. Free Parking and internet are provided to all course participants.

Client Recognition

Aviation Solutions is proud to promote and recognize professional flight instructors. The Chief Flight Instructor’s Award is presented annually to a deserving course attendee who will receive a free refresher course for their next renewal.

* Instructors intending to use this course for a renewal should be familiar with the requirements of CAR 421.66, 421.86, or 421.88, as applicable. Generally speaking, instructors who are in the aeroplane category with a valid rating on day 1 of the in-person course, are not undergoing follow up action where the corrective action plan states a flight test must be done, and have not renewed the last 2 times by means other than a flight test qualify; as do Balloon, Glider, and Ultra-Light instructors who need not hold a valid rating and may renew unlimited consecutive times. Candidates must successfully complete the entire course in order to renew their rating. Complete details are contained in the Training Course Outline candidates receive upon enrollment. Use of this course for instructor rating renewal is solely the responsibility of the attendee. Aviation Solutions is not liable for applications rejected by Transport Canada.
† Actual return depends on province of residence and individual tax situation.

Course Dates

Guelph, ON Nov 23-24 2015
Guelph, ON Feb 22-23 2016

You will receive a tuition receipt which could get you over $100 back on your next tax return.



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Flight Instructor Refresher Course

During the payment process you will be asked to fill out a course registration form. Once your payment and registration form are received we will email you a confirmation with the Training Course Outline and all other necessary information.

If you encounter any difficulty during the payment process, please call (226) 780-4990 to complete your registration by telephone.


May 30 - June 1 Flight Instructor Refresher Course
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